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electrail Pedalfunk

Control unit for elecrail drives
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The pedal radio measures the rotational movements of the pedal crank. The rotational speed is used to calculate how much thrust the drive should give. The motor can be switched on and off and the speed level can be selected by moving backwards. The pedal radio transmits the result wirelessly to the motor control. The transmission is encrypted and reliable.

It had to be a radio connection, because wiring a bicycle trailer is complex and vulnerable. Operating the control unit with your legs is a good idea because you don't have to concentrate on the traffic and there is little or no space on the handlebars of modern bicycles for additional devices, switches or the like.

Why so simple when it can be complicated? From experience. For more than a decade, the pedal radio has proven itself as the center of the electrail drive. The device has become mature technology. Our customers confirm this to us.

The pedal radio is part of every electrail kit. It can be reordered here.

Technical specifications

Weight ca. 15 g
Dimensions L x W x H 62 x 28 x 10 mm
Operating time fully charged ca. 24 h
Charger electrail Link
Transmission frequency 2,4 GHz
Wireless range ca. 5m

Scope of delivery

Units in box: 1