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How the trailer is powered

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electrail offers the most flexible, economical and environment-friendly solution for motorized cargo transport. The system is based on the same principle as e-bikes:  drive support depends on pushing the pedals. The support decreases with increasing speed. At 25 km/h, the motor switches off. However, the motor is not attached to the bicycle but to the trailer. A wireless transmitter sends the pedal movement to the trailer. Therefore, electrail does not require wiring on the bicycle. Neither is the motorized trailer dependant on a special bicycle. It can also be used with many different trailers.

The components

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A pedal stick (1) records the pedal movement. It is a bit bigger than a USB stick and is attached to the pedal crank with an easy pinch.

The signal goes to the receiver that is located together with the engine control and the rechargeable battery in the e-box (2), a case in the trailer. A cable leads from the case to the motor (3). Some trailer models require an additional motor crank for the fixing the drive.

The components 1-3 are the three standard components and together are called electrail "Kit Standard". If a specific motor crank is added, the entire set is called "Kit X".

Compatible trailers

electrail offers complete sets in every trailer category. For many further trailers, you will be able to buy a conversion kit from us. To see if a compatible kit is available, just check our list in the corresponding category Kids/dogs/shopping; Cargo; Travel. Should you have yet another trailer model which you want to upgrade to an e-trailer, we are happy to check if a kit can be made available. Just call +49-8194-20 77 475 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a picture or a link to the trailer. If you enjoy technology, you can find a list of the most important specifications in the FAQ.


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