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Moving Kids, dogs and the shopping

Many clients use the trailer drive to manage more easily commutes to the kindergarten, shopping, for biking with the dog, or for day trips.

Bettina from Diessen (Bavaria) even sold her second car

Ausschnitt Kind Hund"My husband and I enjoy biking and therefore we purchased good bicycles. We live on a mountain, but kindergarten and shops are located downhill. When we started a family, we were looking for a solution for the daily trips to the kindergarten and the shops - if possible without a car. Therefore, we installed the electrail solution in the bike trailer we already owned. It works out so well that we even sold our second car. One time, I had the children and the shopping in the trailer, when my husband tagged along as well, due to a foot injury. We managed to drive up the mountain and bystanders could not believe what they saw. They were impressed by my alleged fitness and appalled by the supposed chauvinist behaviour of my husband."

Convertible child trailers

The following trailer models can be converted to an e-trailer using an electrail e-drive:

Burley Club, D'Lite, Encore, Solo, Honey Bee: Kit X 20"
Croozer, all models of Kid for 1, Kid for 2, Kid Plus for 1, Kid Plus for 2: Kit X 20"
Hamax Avenida, Outbackalle: Kit X 20"
Winther Dolphin: Kit X 20"

You want to convert your trailer model? We are glad to check further models based on a photo of the left wheel (side of the towing bar) and possibly the trailer brand / model (info@electrail.de).


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