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Cargo Transport

Peter Ostermeier (co-founder) infected his neighbours with the electrail virus

Cargo Lasten Kanu Ausschnitt"The possibilities for the electrail drive are almost unlimited. There are no cables on the bicycle nor between bike and trailer, since the pedal movement is transmitted wirelessly to the engine control. Even longer loads, like this canoe, can be transported with our drive. Our neighbours systematically compared our drive to e-cargo bikes and e-bike trailers. They discovered very fast that our system is not only more flexible but also more cost-effective. It is easy and fast to change the trailer from one bike to another. Moreover, you can still enjoy the pure - unmotorised and cargo-free biking. Cyclists are always linked to their vehicle with an e-bike or cargo bike. This is not the case with electrail."

Mathias Gransow (Bremen) uses his bike/trailer combination for work

Gransow 600"I am an arborist and industrial climber in Bremen and its surroundings. As a passionate cyclist, I wanted to make my work car-free as well. There were limits with a cargo bike and the weight of the extensive equipment and tools. Therefore, I searched for a solution with an e-drive that is compatible with a cargo bike. I was very happy when I found the electrail-drive and bought it together with a hinterher-trailer. The trailer offers additional loading volume and with the motor I can transport more weight over longer distances. Moreover, when I don't need the trailer, it is easy to detach and I can cycle. I did an extensive research before I decided on the purchase and up to date I don?t know of a better solution."



Sören Richter (Schleswig-Holstein) moves his bike caravan with electrail

Richter Wohnwagen 600"On a camping trip I had the idea to go camping with a bike caravan instead of the car and a caravan. I was able to find a few providers for bike caravans online. However, as a fan of the 80s and 90s, I did not like the contemporary design. Therefore, I decided to build my own bike caravan. I purchased the undercarriage of a robust bike trailer (Bluebird) and designed a unique bike caravan - inspired by a pair of toy cars, a Golf 1 with a Wiking caravan. It is equipped with modern electronics, with interior lighting and a USB connection to charge a smartphone, fed by a power bank.
Then there was the question how to move the carriage. The trailer weighs empty more than 80 kg. I needed a drive. I was not willing to motorise my original, restored 90s Künsting bike or exchange it for an e-bike. That would be a sin, a break in style! When I had the idea to motorise the trailer, I quickly found electrail . Now everything is ready and the test drives went very well. I am now looking forward to further test journeys and a big tour to the Ekeberg campsite in Oslo in the summer."

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