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Peter Andreas 600In 2011, Peter Ostermeier and Andreas Schell set out to create the most flexible, economical and environment-friendly means for motorized cargo transport. It all started with an observation by Peter: both parents of a neighbouring family were bike enthusiasts and purchased a bike trailer when they started a family. The area around Lake Ammer, the founding place of electrail, is quite hilly and despite their fitness, the parents struggled. Especially with the daily way from the day-care in the town below to their home on the hill. They finally would have needed three e-bikes if also the grandfather were supposed to pick up the children from kindergarten. That's when it became apparent to Peter. The solution to the problem was to attach the drive not to the bike but to the trailer. Being an enthusiastic constructor, he quickly realized that this angle has a few more advantages: more than one bikes can use the trailer, as long as they have the necessary coupler. However, most importantly it allows the biker to keep his sometimes expensive bicycle and ride it "solo", and without having to buy an additional e-bike or even e-cargo bike, or having to modify the bike.

He started together with Andreas Schell, a phd chemist and electronic geek. They both founded the company electrail in the same year. They developed a system based on the drive principle of e-bikes. The drive itself as well as the battery is located in the trailer. Just like e-bikes, the pedal movement determines if and how strongly the motor powers. They found the ideal solution in their "pedal stick". It registers the pedal movement and sends it to the motor drive in the battery. In small batches, the system was refined and has now reached serial production maturity.

Peter Andreas Garage 600By the way, electrail was founded with a small budget as a Limited Liability Entrepreneurial Company (UG, in German). It then developed without any grant funds or founder subventions into a proper Limited Liability Company just through an increasing number of happy customers. Without the hustle and bustle, electrail is now the market leader in wireless push trailers. Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are as equally enthusiastic as a producer of special bicycles that uses the pedal radio system.

In 2019, electrail enters the next phase. The system was further improved and components were given a new design. To cater to the increasing demand the team expands to three people.

e-drive conversion kits for many trailers

These are some of the trailer models which can be converted into an e-trailer with our e-drive conversion kit. For further models, click on the respective category.

Child trailers
Burley Club, D'Lite, Encore, Solo, Honey Bee
Chariot see Thule / Chariot
Kid for 1, Kid for 2, Kid Plus for 1 (with and without suspension), Kid Plus for 2 (with and without suspension)
Kindercar City,  City Plus, Mono Sport, Reha, Twin L, Twin Sport, Twin XL
Thule / Chariot Corsaire, Captain, Cheetah, Chinook, Cab, Coaster XT, Cougar 1, Cougar 2, Cross, Croos 2, CX1, CX2 , Lite 1, Lite 2, Sport 1, Sport 2

Dog trailers
Burley Tail Wagon
Croozer Dog L, Dog XL, Dog XXL
Kindercar Doggi

Cargo trailers
Burley Flatbed, Nomad
Croozer Cargo
Hinterher Hmax, Hmax light / Htour, Hxl, Hxxl, Hxxl light, Hxxxl, Bike Transporter 3, Bike Transporter 5, Bike Transporter SL
Kindercar Transporter
Roland Big Boy (low towing bar), Carrie M.e, Der Roland (low towing bar), Jumbo, Profi (low towing bar), Traveller

Travel trailers / Single wheel trailers
Bob / Croozer Bob YAK
Burley Coho XC
ToPeak Journey

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